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Wanda Michalevska

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Healty Heart; Say No to Statins
by Wanda Michalewska

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Author: Michalewska, Wanda Publisher: Metaramp, Incorporated Subject: Health Subject: Cholesterol Reduction Subject: Healthy Diet Subject: Weight Loss Edition Number: 1 Publication Date: December 2003 Formats: .pdf File, Hard Copy Language: English Pages: 35 Size: 150 KB

From the Author

When it comes to writing many doctors, including me, spend much of our lives in denial of the reality that success of our work depends on the mercy of the retailer and loyalty of the publisher. Internet gives us a unique opportunity. Within a couple of days you will receive a complete assessment of everything that you have done. There is no bigger critic than an ordinary Internet user. There is no quicker and honest reaction on your work than receiving emails from people who are looking for answers that they cannot get in our offices.

Medgrip Review

The new edition of "Say No to Statins" covers all aspects of the "Cholesterol Paranoia" phenomenon and offers a comprehensive alternative cholesterol reduction program based on natural supplements, reasonable dietary changes and moderate physical activity.
The first edition has been expanded and improved to provide a concise view of "Cholesterol Agenda" in a convenient and practical format.
The whole argument of the book is how significantly everyone can change his or her internal biochemistry without becoming dependent on controversial drugs. In contrast to most books of this genre, the reader is not overburdened by descriptions of laboratory techniques and medical terminology.

Author Interviews

Q.In the book's opening pages you are really intimidating readers by criticizing drugs such as Zocor, Lipitor, and other drugs of the Statins group. Are they really that bad?
A. This is a typical question I am getting in my emails on a regular basis. The short answer is No.
These drugs have critically important benefits to certain group of people. Because of these benefits, these drugs extend life in this group -- including, particularly, middle aged or moderately elderly men at high risk of heart disease. However benefit to survival with statins or other cholesterol-lowering agents has never been demonstrated in people outside this group. In the older group, risk-benefit ratio may be even less favorable. Look, when someone has two choices:
The inevitable death at age 75-78 from a cardiovascular system failure (this still being the leading cause of death in old age or A very possible death from liver failure at age 65-67 due to usage of these Drugs.
I think the answer becomes apparent. Unfortunately pharmaceutical giants are presenting a slightly different picture to the general public. For example let us say if your total cholesterol is 240 and you are ready to spend 3-4 hours switching TV channels, you will get the clear impression that by the age 50 stroke or heart attack will be your inevitable destiny.
My message is clear:
   First - Do not to fixate yourself on the idea that you need to reduce your cholesterol no matter what the cost may be.
   Second -If you happen to be fixated on the idea that reducing your cholesterol is a key to ultimate health, you do not need to do it by taking Zocor & Co.
You can do so by using natural ingredients and only moderately changing your lifestyle.

Q. I remember the story of how in the 1920s General Motors systematically purchased trolley systems across the country and immediately proceeded to rip up the track to help create more demand for buses and highways?
A. I would not think of such a harsh comparison. In fact I believe the American pharmaceutical industry is the best in the world. With its tremendous research and development many things have become a routine procedure today, things that were considered a miracle yesterday. Of course not every product of Merck or Pfizer is from that "miraculous" category. But again, your comparison is too ruthless.

Q. What about the reaction from readers?
A. In Europe the tremendous popularity for my book speaks for itself. Let me ask you this question: Why are people searching the web for natural alternatives to statins drugs?
   First: Because I am not alone in my judgment of statins.
   Second: Even without any professional knowledge, people have a “gut feeling” that something is fishy about these drugs.

Q. You have clearly put a lot of effort into making sure that the book speaks to people who may not have a lot of exercising experience, people who enjoy great food and are reluctant to make any dietary changes. What are your comments on this?
A. I am trying to be tuned to the reality as much as possible. From my personal experience and from my own research I know that the harder you push your mind and body, the sooner in will snap back at you. When cholesterol reduction sources are advising to run 30 miles per week and permanently replace cheesecake with a soy imitation, I have a skeptical smile on my face.

Q. I've been talking to people about your book and the concepts you present in it. One friend's reaction was fascinated to me. She was visibly upset - not because she did not agree with you, but because she learned that with minimum effort and using only natural ingredients she would be able to reduce her cholesterol to acceptable numbers.
A. I want to give my definition of "Natural Ingredients" Natural does not mean safe. All of the deliberate poisoning in ancient Rome were carried out by "Natural Ingredients." I beg your pardon for my ironic manner, but this is the only way to teach people on how to make their own intelligent decisions regarding natural healing. This is not to say that the components I am offering in my book are not safe. This is just a warning that not everything that is advertised as "natural" is good. Indeed the products I am offering are safe and have been used for centuries. I am just rediscovering them for the reader.
As for "Acceptable Numbers" I want to stress the fact that in every case one's total cholesterol count should be evaluated through a prism of all health factors of that individual. Not every cholesterol number is "acceptable" for EVERY individual.

Q. Has the response to the book been different in the United States compare to the other parts of the world?
A. Actually I am really surprised by the response in the United States. From my experience Europeans are less dependable on prescription medications. This is a true statement not only for cardiovascular heath, but for general health as well, and mental health in particular. We are already labeled as a "Prozac Nation". I think "Statins Nation" label is not too far away from us.
Nevertheless reports from the Distribution Company indicate that 70% of the downloads are coming from the United States and Canada. The "Feed Back" ratio is the same. It may also be due to the fact that Internet exposure is much higher in this region. Language barrier plays an important role as well.

Q. Do you read everything that people are saying about your book via feed back?
A. Yes. I am anxious to see how they are going to turn out. After the first few days it becomes easier to wait. However the first couple days I was feverishly going on the Internet to see how people are responding.

Q. Looking back to the days when you were practicing medicine do you still think of yourself as a doctor?
A. For me "Doctor" means not only a current occupation but also a general attitude toward people's needs.

Q. In the interviews you have been giving to promote this new book, has anyone asked a question that has caught you off guard?
A. No. This book represents what we have learned about cholesterol in the thirty years we have been in practice - picking up new information, making decisions about one thing or another and growing with it.

Q. Are there any books or authors that you fall back on and rely on consistently?
A. There is some research I follow. Unfortunately not much of it is available. I do not follow authors as much as I watch the research and data.

Q. After so much has been said about cholesterol do you believe there is still not enough research out there?
A. Unfortunately this is a true statement. The biggest research has been done of course by manufacturers of statins. But even if they'll agree to reveal the data, they have discovered it would be still roughly 50% of what needs to be done. It is even more frustrating to know that software and hardware necessary for such research do not cost much.

Q. What advice do you give young doctors who are willing to do this comprehensive research?
A. It is hard work, but at the same time it is interesting and rewarding. You should go for it if you are the kind of person who approaches everything with mathematical and calculating mind.

Q. While you were researching and writing this book every major manufacturer of statins came out with at least one more brand…
A. …Claiming "less side effects" and improved "ability to reduce cholesterol." I think it wouldn't change my opinion. I presented my position on statins firmly.

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Medical Disclaimer

This program serves as a natural healthcare option, and the information provided herein is, by no means, complete. The buyer of this program is advised to consult as needed with professional practitioners in the varied areas of healthcare. If you are currently using statins or other cholesterol reduction drugs talk to your M.D. before making any changes; the abrupt withdrawal from pharmaceuticals can have serious consequences. Each individual responds uniquely to every form of medicine, whether pharmaceutical, herbal or otherwise, and the key to successful self-care with natural healing medicines and therapies is paying attention to your body's responses and taking responsibility for one's own health. METARAMP Inc. therefore disclaims any responsibility for any adverse effects that result from your use of the information in this book.

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